LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory used a line-item veto to reject a budget amendment eliminating pay raises for directors and council employees.

Guillory’s chief communications officer, Jamie Angelle, confirms the veto. Angelle said the line-item veto vetoes the amendment that removed the raises.

During the final council budget wrap-up session last month the amendment was discussed.

“Mr. Andy you had objected.  Do you still want to object or want to remove you’re separate amendment,” Naquin said.

The director of finance asked for an exception for at least one of her staff members. “One employee in the finance department where the raise has been approved by the civil service director but it hasn’t made it all the way to the board.  We’re following the steps and it’s in the process.  If the board doesn’t approve it, it cannot happen.  I was hoping that maybe you would change this,” Toups stated.

The pay raises apply to some of Guillory’s leading staff members and directors. During the amendment discussion last month, one council member talked about being fair.

“There’s a lot of people with a lot of money. It’s hard for me to do one and not the others. The only thing that kept me online is that civil service was going through the process,” Naquin added.

The Assistant Clerk of the Council, Joseph Gordon-Wiltz, confirmed a special meeting will be held on October 4 to consider the veto.