LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Parish Council meeting Tuesday night led to questions from Councilman Glen Lazard regarding Josh Guillory’s availability. 

Lazard says it all depends on the definition of “availability”. “The definition that was put on this, and I think that everyone has read it, is that he’s available because they have access to him, and he has access because he has a laptop with secure access,” says Lazard.

Lazard feels communication should extend to the council as well as the general public if Mayor-President Guillory is truly available 24/7. “The access should not only apply to us as council members, it should also apply to the public. The mayor serves the public. I could not get on the phone and call the mayor if I chose to, so that is not access and availability to me.” 

Chief Administrative Officer Cydra Wingerter has been in contact with Guillory during his rehabilitation and assures that anyone can contact the mayor-president by speaking to her or the district attorney. “Clearly you’re saying there is no trust or perhaps that we’re lying about the ability to get the mayor-president on the phone, that he’s available. We do have that ability to get him on the phone. I have not had a request from anybody or had a need to get in touch with him, but if you need to let me know and I can certainly make that happen,” says Wingerter.

Further concern came when Wingerter confirmed that she and Greg Logan have daily calls with Guillory to share important information and recieve any orders on top of being available to speak at any time. Lazard questions why no proof has been provided of Guillory’s 24/7 access. “We simply asked to provide us with some proof of that. I don’t understand why that would have been so complicated to do. Simply providing us with some documentation verifying that what you’re telling us was the truth,” says Lazard.

News Ten issued a public records request for proof of Guillory’s access, we are still waiting to receive that information.