LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — After a tree fell on the home of an elderly Lafayette homeowner, an act of kindness in response by group of Lafayette police officers is going viral.

The incident, which happened in late September, caused extensive damage to the home.

Lafayette Police Officer Nadia Adams was the first to arrive on scene.

She spoke with the homeowner, who is 84, and learned that the tree pulled the electric wires out of her house, causing a power loss.

With the homeowner having no family living in the area and no way to pay an electrician to connect the wires back to her residence, Officer Adams’ oath to protect and serve was put to the test.

Adams texted her 1-A squad to give them details about a situation in the precinct they serve.

And now those six officers are being praised by their colleagues for what happened next.

“Lafayette Police would like to recognize a few officers that went above and beyond for a resident,” the department stated in a social media post.

Adams and Squad 1-A pooled together money to present to the homeowner to cover her homeowner’s insurance deductible so that the repairs could begin.

“Without hesitation (the squad) made sure the elderly woman’s insurance deductible was covered so that she could receive repairs to her residence,” the post stated.

The woman, who was not injured, will now have temporary lodging taken care of while the repairs are made.