LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Former interim police chief, Wayne Griffin, who was appointed in October 2021 and later fired in January of this year, wants his police job back.

The Lafayette Civil Service Board met on Wednesday for a public hearing for the case of Griffin vs Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG). At today’s hearing, Griffin’s attorney, Allyson Melancon, believes her client, the former interim chief, has the right to see the documents on why he was fired.

“I asked for a copy of the Lafayette Police Department standard operating procedure. My client was terminated, which is the most serious discipline that can be rendered, and I believe that I am entitled to at least view how they got to that decision. We’re going to get a district judge’s opinion on whether or not the city has to turn that document over to me,” says Melancon.

Newly appointed board member Kenneth Boudreaux feels the decision to consult with a district judge will benefit the case by making sure it is fair and impartial to both sides before the hearing continues. “I think what happened today was good because we want to make sure we get it right. I think granting the continuance and seeing the councils on both sides being in agreement with how we go forward was a good thing.”

Boudreaux goes on to say the most important thing for the board now is to facilitate a process that is fair and impartial for both sides

Depending on the ruling of the district judge, a new public hearing date could be set for October.