MAURICE, La. (KLFY) — The arson fire of a Maurice mobile home has left the resident who lived there at a total loss and Shandre St. Julien is asking for help on her brother’s behalf.

“We could use just a lot of prayers, just a lot of prayers,” St. Julien said.

She said says her brother is basically living where he can and she’s grateful that he was not home when the fire occurred.

“Definitely good that he wasn’t in that trailer, it wouldn’t have been a good thing,” St. Julien explained.

It’s clear to see that nothing in terms of personal items survived the fire. The home is destroyed and noting inside is salvageable.

A GoFundMe page is partly what her brother will have to rely on to replace what he can.

“Get him back on his feet, try to find him a place to stay, clothes and furniture,” St. Julien added.

The fire has been ruled the result of arson. A person has been identified and arrested and according to fire officials, the two knew each other.

“Just very shocking. Just never thought this would all come about,” St. Julien noted.

St. Julien says a friend of her brother is the one who setup the GoFundMe page.