LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – We are finally beginning to see some relief at the gas pump. Just a few weeks ago, gas prices for regular were pushing nearly $5.

News Ten tracked down a few gas stations here in Acadiana, where the price is now just under $4, according to You can find gas just around $3.90 at some gas stations in Lafayette, New Iberia, Delcambre, and Opelousas.

Some people say it’s just going to go right back up, while others say they think this may last. Oil and gas leaders here in Louisiana say the price will probably keep fluctuating. “I don’t expect it to come down a whole lot more anytime soon, just the way the economy is rolling right now. I think they’re just trying to keep us from committing mutant basically,” said Brandi Hartman.

While some are convinced the prices won’t be fluctuating much more, others are hopeful. “I’m ready for it to come down. I have a truck with a 36-gallon gas tank, and it takes almost $150 to fill up. So I’m hoping whatever they’re doing to make the gas lower, it stays lower because I think a lot of people are suffering because of this. It’s time to have lower gas prices,” Donald Ray Broussard added.

Many people are still just frustrated gas prices have gotten so high. “It should be $2-something, where it was. It should have stayed that way,” John Blood told News Ten.

“It’s pure and simple price gauging on the part of the oil companies, no doubt,” Galen Labauve added.

According to Triple A, the national average for a gallon of gas fell eight cents over the past week. They say the main reason is that there’s lower demand at the pump.

Mike Moncla, the President of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, says gas prices are all about supply and demand. He believes the demand for gas isn’t big right now because the prices are so high, and that could be why we’re seeing a slow decline in prices now. He’s confident, however, gas won’t be $4 or $5 forever.

“Gasoline prices can cause inflation, but they’re not inflationary. Really if you think about it, they go up and down with the price of oil. You know, a McDonald’s hamburger, it’s never going to come back down to a $2 happy meal. It’s just not going to happen. That’s inflation,” Moncla said. “It’s just one of those things. Supply and demand goes up and down, and that causes the prices of oil and gas to go up and down.”

Mocla says while we don’t know what gas prices will do over the next few months, he guarantees the gas prices will go back down to normal at some point.