LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In Lafayette, a family is thankful to be safe after Sunday night’s heavy winds blew their garage over their house and across the yard.

Rose Edwards, the homeowner, said, “I got a call from my neighbor, I was at church, and she said come because it’s a twister that did the damage to my garage.”

After receiving the call form her neighbor, Edwards said she returned home to find her garage had been blown out of the ground and into the trees in the back yard.

“It flew all the way from the front of the home, cut the wires of the electricity, the pole was down. It even broke the old doghouse,” Edwards said. “It flew all the way into the trees. I thank God for that, because it could have hit the neighbors.”

Edwards said her husband and son were in the house at the time of the storm. Luckily the winds only caused cosmetic damages to the base of her trailer and the neighbors garage.

As the Edwards family works to repair, they remain grateful, saying damages can be repaired but lives can’t be replaced.

“God is good. God is good. It could have been worse; it could have hit the trailer,” Edwards said. “My son sleeps in the opposite bedroom the tornado could have took my husband and my son. They could have been dead today but thank you Jesus that didn’t happen.”

Our team of meteorologists believe this damage was caused by a microburst, which happens when a storm rapidly closes, bringing a rush of cold air and strong winds to the ground.