LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A father of two disabled children spoke to News 10 after his plea about handicapped spaces went viral.

Stephen Melara and his wife have two children who are wheelchair-bound. He told News 10 that because of this, his family has to use the reserved handicapped spaces when going out.

Just recently there was an incident where he and his family experienced a hard time accessing their vehicle because someone illegally parked in the reserved blue lines blocking his children’s wheelchair access.

“We ran in probably about 12 minutes and on the way out there was somebody blocking the side door where we load the wheelchairs in,” he said.

Melara said that he was frustrated to the point he made a plea on Facebook about being aware of the blue lines near handicapped spaces.

“Those are there for people to load and unload wheelchairs.”

He told News 10 that because this is his life, it’s something he’s gotten used to, but still wants everyone to be aware of the reserved areas so people in wheelchairs can get to their vehicles.

“I think sometimes people don’t even realize how often people are parking there that don’t have tags.”

Nicole Flores with Families Helping Families of Acadiana said that “Other people don’t realize them trying to save a minute or two and park close and break the law can really have a huge detrimental impact on somebody else just trying to live their life and get around.”