BROUSSARD, La (KLFY)– The death of a Baker Hughes employee, who died while working on Wednesday, has left the people who knew him in shock.

Jacoby Guillory, a former Baker Hughes employee who worked alongside the victim said, “I’m very devastated and one of my last words while working there before I walked off of campus was, I feel that somebody’s going to get hurt.”

Guillory said his coworker, who has not been identified, had been employed there for 26 years and his work ethic was unmatched.

Although Guillory worked alongside the victim for under a year, he said they worked together very closely, and he’s been grieving since he got the news, “I feel like I could’ve saved his life. I feel like I could have alerted somebody else that could’ve helped saved his life as well. That’s a situation that I would never know.”

The employee’s death is currently being investigated by OSHA.