LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – FoodNet’s new 1/1/1 campaign is an effort to get the community involved where each month one school, one church, and one business commits to having a food drive.

Ben Broussard, with Catholic Charities of Acadiana, said FoodNet serves 750 families a week which can cost $20,000 dollars a month. He said the new campaign is a way to help with the cost of food.

“The 1/1/1 campaign is really inviting schools, business, and churches to step forward and claim a month,” Broussard said. “Do a food drive to help offset that enormous expense of purchasing food for those in need. “

The three participants hosting food drives the entire month of march are Rayne Catholic Elementary, Fowler Orthodontics, and St. Mary Church in Lafayette.

Alicia Ardoin and Lauren Broussard with Rayne catholic said their students who volunteered with St. Joseph’s Dinner inspired the school’s participation in the campaign, and they hope their participation inspires others. Ardoin said “You know our students giving back on their own time. It wasn’t through school,” and Broussard said. “We hope other school, communities, and churches see that this is such a great way to give back.”

Melanie Fowler with Fowler orthodontics and Anna Lewis with St. Mary Church said this a great way to give back.

Fowler said, “Its a small thing that I can do, that my staff and I can do to help raise awareness for food net as well as collect items that are really important for food net and for the people of Acadiana.” While Lewis said, “It’s a good way introducing our younger children to what a St. Joseph’s altar is and getting them involved in a food donation drive and helping out the less fortunate in our area.”

Broussard said he hopes the campaign moves people to want to help those in need throughout Acadiana.

“The 1/1/1 campaign, getting one church, one school, one business to really claim one month out if the year and getting all of those months filled up, we hope this turns into something that folks are doing every year from here on out,” Broussard said.