LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — When it comes to being an essential workers first responders know first hand what it means to work around the clock, especially on holidays.

New Ten’s Jasmine Dean spoke with Sergeant Robin Green with the Lafayette Police Department about the importance of essential workers.

“As law enforcement we don’t get that opportunity because we do take a oath to always protect and serve our community,” said Green.

Green says for her, being in law enforcement means knowing crime doesn’t stop.

“And that means that the police department never shuts down. And not only law enforcement, it’s other first responders. They take the same oath,” said Green.

Green says because of her oath to protect and serve there are times she may miss with family because of work.

“You know we do understand that when we take this position that we won’t be off on some holidays and that we may have to miss out on a Christmas or a Thanksgiving but that’s the oath that we take whenever we applied for this job,” added Green.

If you see an essential worker, remember to thank them for their time and sacrifice to make sure our community is safe.