CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) — Carencro firefighters rescued three people from flooding Friday. All three were stranded in deep water after attempting to drive through the flood waters.

When News 10 arrived to the neighborhood, our news crews observed many people carrying bags out of their homes and walking through the deep waters to catch a ride, as it was impossible to drive in or out.

“I’m trying to drop this baby off because I watch her. It’s, as you can see, really flooded, and my wife can’t get through the water. The baby just wants to get home, so we’re about to go walk,” Logun Coleman told News 10, holding an infant in her arms.

Many people in Carencro either had to walk the flooded streets like Coleman or use an ATV to get around.

“I’m trying to make it. Wherever I can’t make it in the car, this can probably make it up to so high,” Micah Pittman said while sitting on his ATV.

Others had to call their loved ones for help, as they’re stuck at their homes.

“I’m coming to pick up my mom because it’s flooded. I’m not going to pass my car through the water unlike some people that shouldn’t,” Desmond Johnnie said.

News 10 caught up with Johnnie’s mother at her home, which is right down the road from where firefighters rescued three people Friday. She yelled from her porch, surrounded by water to communicate with News 10’s crew.

While everyone is coping in their own way, they all say flooding happens all too often in their area.

“When we were young, we would swim in the water and everything. It’s nothing new back here, but I guess there’s new people coming back here. They still drive through it,” Johnnie added.

“It always gets like this whenever the rain comes down heavy like that constantly. It’s aggravating, but we got to live with it,” Pittman said.

Residents tell News 10 they’ve asked the city for help, and while city officials have tried digging ditches, nothing has worked.

“They say it’s because of the coulee right here. It’s all stopped up, and they just need to clean it. They’re just not,” Coleman said.

Residents say now they are just hoping for all of the flood water to subside by Easter Sunday. In the future, they say they hope the city does more to prevent the flooding.