LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The 15th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has addressed a raid of their office by the FBI on Monday, May 9. The DA said the FBI asked questions surrounding the DA’s Pre-Trial Intervention Program.

Around 15 FBI agents were at the courthouse for most of the evening yesterday. In an email to our newsroom, an FBI spokesperson told us that “…the agency does not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.”

District Attorney Don Landry wrote in a press release that all of the questions that investigators with the FBI surrounded the program. Landry said he and his office are fully cooperating with the FBI. He also said that he intends to retain auditors to ensure that all of the necessary procedures and safeguards were complied with.

The FBI has not yet released another statement.

DA Landry made the following statement regarding the Pre-Trial Intervention Program:

Since taking office in January of 2021, we have put significant effort into improving our Pretrial
lntervention Program, and the number of enrollees in that program has increased. That has allowed
our Pretrial lntervention Program to help more people than in prior years. This program is for nonviolent offenders who typically have not committed a prior crime and is designed to be an opportunity
to pay restitution, undergo counseling to change behaviors and to become contributing members of our
community. That is a good thing.

DA Landry

According to the 15th Judicial District’s website, the Pre-Trial Intervention Program is offered for first-time offenders who have had “no prior contact with the criminal justice system.” Intervention coordinators work with offenders to find the cause of their behavior. Those in the program are usually given evaluations, classes, drug testing and other services in lieu of jail time or a full trial. Upon completion of the program, charges are typically dismissed in full.

Re-offenders, however, get prosecuted. Pre-trial diversion is offered solely at the discretion of the district attorney, according to the district.

It should be noted that the district attorney’s office was previously raided by the FBI 10 years ago in a bribery scandal under former DA Mike Harson. That investigation involved a private investigator bribing officials to fast-forward cases through the judicial system. Harson’s secretary, Barna Haynes — also the wife of then-Lafayette City Prosecutor Gary Haynes — was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for her involvement. Former Asst. DA Greg Williams was sentenced to two years of probation and six months of house arrest for his involvement.

Current DA Don Landry worked for Harson during his time in office. There is currently no word or evidence of Landry’s involvement in the current investigation.