LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Mother’s Day is usually a day of celebration where moms are showered with gifts, love, and affections. But for the Toronto’s, this will be a Mother’s Day they will never forget.

Losing everything they own in a fire, they said it was shocking and traumatic.

Geraldine Toronto lost her home in a fire Sunday afternoon when a hot water heater malfunctioned. At the time of the fire, Toronto and her family had gone to celebrate Mother’s Day at a family member’s house.

Rose Horseman, Toronto’s family member who also lives in the home.

“My family was out and about for Mother’s Day to enjoy a nice dinner until we got a phone call,” Horseman said.

Toronto said she was told her house was on fire, and she’d lost all four of her dogs. She said she’s glad no one was in the home at the time, but she is hurt none of her pets survived.

“Yeah, I’m glad we survived,” Toronto said. “But I hope they would have but they didn’t. I’m just so shook up.”

Horseman said her family lost everything in the fire including the food they just bought for her child. She said what her family is going through is so hard and they need help.

“Clothes, shoes, food, like I said in the beginning they need everything. They lost everything tragically. Everything due to a hot water heater,” Toronto said.

Toronto said she’s still in shock and knows it will take some time to adjust to their new reality, but she is hopeful things will be okay. She said it’s really sad it happened on Mother’s Day but she is extremely grateful for her neighbors who have been helping her.

“I’ll be alright though but it’s going to take me a while to get used to it,” Toronto said. “We got to just find another place. Hope we do. God’s always good. I pray to God every day.”

Toronto said what happened today is not only tragic but something they thought they never would have experienced.

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