LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Nearly ten months ago, Lafayette police found Leslie Tolliver Johnson suffering from several gunshot wounds inside her home in the 600 block of Hammond Rd.

Johnson died from her injuries. Now, her family is still waiting for justice in her case. According to her father, there are no suspects in his daughter’s death, but he believes the truth will come to light.

“The family is just waiting, waiting, and waiting and tossing and turning, and the daughter is tossing and turning in her grave. She got killed for no reason, and we’re all grieving; we’re going to grieve until it comes to an end,” said Carroll Tolliver, Johnson’s father. 

The family said Johnson was known for her cooking. She was sweet, kind, and gentle. She’d help everyone out.

The father said he misses his daughter’s calls and her voice. 

“She’s so sweet. She used to call me every morning; Daddy, what are you doing? I said nothing. Then on Saturday, she said they’re jamming on the radio, Daddy. Do you have it on? I said yeah, baby, Daddy got it on,” he said.

“I got some ups and downs, but sometimes I hear her voice, and I say it will be okay. We, the family, we’re going to find out; we’re going to pull until it comes to an end. Where we can solve the problem, and you can rest in your grave, baby, but it’s hard.” 

Tolliver hopes the person responsible for his daughters death will turn themselves in.

“You murdered someone that was going to bed. Somebody you don’t know. You took her life. She didn’t ask to go,” he said. 

Jamaria Johnson, Johnson’s 16-year-old daughter, recalls the night of the shooting vividly.

“I just remembered the shots coming and not stopping,” she said. “It’s messed up. Her death wasn’t meant. So, it’s like she’s not here with me anymore, and I can’t see her face.” 

She said she remembered her mother would always tell her she loved her and to stay safe, and she would always be there. Jamaria said the plans they had would never be fulfilled. Jamaria sits awake most nights because she can’t see her mother’s face or hear her voice.

“This was my mother. I’m not here for sympathy, but I’m being deprived of sleep. Her death was not meant, and her death was not in vain, so I just need justice for my mom so my family and I can sleep at night. God knows your intentions, so I want justice for my mom.” 

Sgt. Robin Green with the Lafayette Police Department said any death is unfortunate for any family. LPD will always give a 100% to the case, and as the leads come in, they will run them to the ground until it is exhausted. However, Sgt. Green said investigations like this one are a joint effort. Members of the community must come forward with any possible information.

“This could be your family, and we would do the same thing, so that’s what we are doing. We’re asking the community; to step up and assist us with this homicide and let’s give this family some closure,” said Sgt. Green. 

Sgt. Green says the detective on Johnson’s case is working diligently and tries to keep in contact with the family without adding to the emotional burden of the situation.

“It’s like we don’t want to continue to put them through an emotional roller coaster, and as we do get the information, we will be in contact. We also want to extend to them that if they have any questions or feel that they need an update feel free to always contact us. They’re not bothering us, and we look forward to hearing from them.”

Anyone with information call the police department or call anonymously through Crime Stoppers at (337)-232-TIPS.