LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — Today marks two years since Trayford Pellerin was fatally shot by Lafayette Police at a gas station.

According to a report by Louisiana State Police, Pellerin threatened at least one officer with a pocket knife and ignored demands to drop the knife.

Officers attempted to use stun guns on him, but the report stated they did not work. Louisiana State Police said officers then shot Pellerin.

On the anniversary of Pellerin’s death, his mother and family friend spoke with News 10 about how life has changed since losing him. “Today marks the two year anniversary of trey’s death and it still feels like the first day that it happened,” stated Pellerin’s mother. “I’m still struggling with his death. I’m still in disbelief.”

Pellerin said her family has been going through a lot but she feels the community’s support and appreciates it.

She said Devon Norman, family friend and community activist, has been great in working with them through his organization to keep Trayford’s name alive.

“I feel I was more inclined to do something because the people around me were hurting so bad,” stated Norman.

Norman said Trayford’s death was hard on everyone and from it, a new civil rights organization was birthed to allow young voices to be heard.

People were protesting and tensions between law enforcement and citizens were at an all time high at the time of his death, but now, Norman said he has seen some improvement in community relations with LPD. “I’m grateful today that we have better relations with the department in our community, but I must say there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done to restore, if it’ll ever be restored,” stated Norman.