LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The family of a Lafayette man who was gunned down and killed while driving on I-49 is crying out for answers, one year after his death.

Harold Carmouche, 37, was driving home from Downtown Lafayette early one morning last June. Investigators say another vehicle pulled up along side him and fatally shot him. There have been no arrests for his murder.

The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating Carmouche’s murder. Sheriff K.P. Gibson says they are working to find suspects even a year later. He believes someone knows what happened but aren’t talking to law enforcement.

Carmouche’s family wants anyone who knows anything to speak up. “The people out there that know what happened or heard something that happened, how do y’all sleep at night? How? How do y’all sleep at night?” Latasha Narcisse, Carmouche’s older sister, said.

Narcisse visited her brother this week on the one-year anniversary of his murder. She promised him she’d bring his killers to justice. Carmouche’s six-year-old daughter asked when her dad was coming home. “We went to the graveyard, and she was like, ‘Nanny.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ She said, ‘My daddy probably hot in there.’ That’s the hard part. Then she said, ‘Nanny, when I go back to school, I’m going to be the only one without a daddy,'” she added.

She says her brother leaves behind six children, all who want to know why their father was taken from them. His family says they are not only working to find why but who pulled the trigger. In a year, there have been no arrests. Investigators say they are still tracking down leads to identify suspects, but no one is talking.

Carmouche’s sister believes someone knows something and is now crying out to those people to speak up and give her family closure. “If y’all have a heart, if y’all believe in God and His word, y’all will come forward. Y’all will come forward to say something because only God knows what y’all did and y’all know what you did,” Narcisse said. “If y’all know something, have a heart. Just have a heart. God gave us all a heart for a reason.”

If you know anything about Harold Carmouche’s murder, you’re asked to call Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers at 789-TIPS. Sheriff Gibson says you can stay anonymous, and there is a hefty reward for any information that could help them solve this homicide.