LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The family of a Lafayette man is pleading with their brother’s murderer to turn themselves in.

Early morning on June 6, 37-year-old Harold Carmouche left downtown Lafayette after a night out with his friends.

He was on his way home, driving along I-10 near Crowley, when a person in another vehicle shot Harold in his White Honda.

He died hours later at the hospital.

No one has been arrested for his murder, but Harold’s sisters say they won’t stop fighting until his killer is behind bars.

“I just keep picturing him whenever they just started shooting at the car. What were his last thoughts? What were his last words? He knew he was dying,” his sister, Lena Lewis said. “He knew he was dying.”

Harold’s life was suddenly ended when a person in another vehicle pointed a gun at him and fired a bullet right at his head while driving along the itnterstate.

“We weren’t right there with him, and I know he was scared. I know he was. Just knowing that you’re fighting to talk with blood coming out your mouth because you’re smothering in your own blood. You can’t even say nothing,” Lewis added.

Harold’s two young nieces say they just wish they could get their Uncle Harold back.

“To not to see him on my birthday…” his niece said, holding back tears.

“I wish he could be here to celebrate with us,” another one of his nieces added.

Harold’s sisters say they know he won’t be coming home, and they just want the person who killed him to come forward.

“I forgive whoever the person or people were, but I’m not going to ask you why. I’m not going to ask you why. There’s no why to this. He’s gone,” Harold’s sister, Latasha Narcisse, said. “He can’t come back, but you know what you did. So therefore ask yourself why. We shouldn’t have to ask you why.”

The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating Harold’s murder.

Sheriff K.P. Gibson says although they have not made an arrest, this is an open investigation, and detectives are working to identify the person responsible.