LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Friends and family members of the first victim in a triple murder-suicide this week honored him with a balloon release Friday evening.

Ross Chaisson, 29, was the first person Andres Jamal Felix killed Tuesday in a shooting spree that left four people dead including the gunman, according to authorities.

Chaisson’s family met at the very home where he was killed to remember and celebrate his life.

“I’ll miss him, but I promised him. I made a promise to him that I would be strong. I’ll always love him no matter what. He would want us to be strong,” Chaisson’s aunt Cynthia Linda Castille said.

Dozens of people attended the vigil, releasing black and red balloons, Chaisson’s favorite colors, in his honor.

“It’s hard, but we’re trying to make it. We’re going to make it,” Chaisson’s older sister Ladasha Chaisson Felix said.

Chaisson’s sister and aunt told News 10 that his murder has been hard on their entire family, but the hardest part is not understanding why. They said that they wish they had the chance to ask Andres Jamal Felix why he killed Chaisson.

They added, however, that they do forgive him. They now want to focus on remembering Chaisson for who he was, not how he was taken from them.

“I just want people to remember him as Ross, as Ross because he would give you the shirt off of his back,” his sister told News 10.

Ross Chaisson’s family describes him as a person who was always smiling and loved everyone. They said that he loved eating, fishing, and being with his family, especially his two daughters, only 10 and 13 years old.

“As a mother and grandmother, always tell your kids you love them no matter what, no matter what they’ve done or no matter what you’ve done. Always say I love you, always, and always put God first. You never know when it’s your last day. You just never know,” Chaisson’s aunt added.

On Saturday, there will be a balloon release for another one of the victims, Paige Lewis.