IOWA, La. (KLFY) – On Friday, the family and friends of Ella Goodie met up with one mission in mind. “We’re trying to find Ella. We’re not stopping until we find Ella,” said Felicia Broussard, a family friend of Ella Goodie. 

“I can’t sleep. I barely eat. It’s been nine days. Ella is still not with us; nobody has been on the ground trying to find her,” said Broussard. The family traveled from Lafayette to Iowa in search of Goodie. 

“Her phone was last pinged in Iowa; her truck was last seen in Dallas, so we will start in Iowa and go from there,” she said. “We don’t even have the actual location. The cops didn’t give it to us.”

One person traveled from Houston, Texas, to help in the family search. “I rode the bus all night, but I’m here,” said Burmalyn Williams Savoy. The family says they need more help to find Ella. “There are a lot of people that went missing in Lafayette, and they have way more help than we are getting with Ella,” said Broussard. “They had airplanes in the sky, dogs on the ground, and they had boats in the water. We don’t have anybody.” 

They hope to find Ella safe. We’re praying that she can be found safely and return to her kids and her family‘s safety,” said Savoy.