LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The family of Nathan Bob, 26, is heartbroken after losing their loved
one. Even more so, he was shot in front of his oldest daughter, 5-year-old Nayla.

“Why y’all killed my Daddy?” 3-year-old Nayionee, Bob’s daughter, asked.

The family said Nathan was outside helping his daughter Nayla ride a hoverboard. Nathaniel
Bob, Nathan Bob’s father, told News 10 he was inside helping his mother with her medication when he heard a gunshot that Sunday morning. He said it was unusual for his son to go outside early in the morning because it wasn’t his usual routine.

“Nathan’s routine is to comb their hair, and get them ready,” his father said. “Wash their face, brush their face and then he feeds them. After he feeds them, he dresses them. By that time, it would be around 11,12. So then they go outside and play and do what they have to do. But that morning there it didn’t happen that way,” said the father. “The one thing I want to know is why they took his life that way, especially in front of his daughter. A person who does that is a coward.”

Nathan Bob’s father said he saw his son lying on the ground and went to embrace him.

“I’m on the phone with 911 dispatch,” he said. “So, I was taking the towel and putting it on his wound to stop the bleeding. My child kept going in and out. I kept seeing the white of his child’s eyes and then every once in a while he would come to.”

Bob thought his son would have been alright, but he was later taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

“He was a good child,” Felicia Parsons, Nathan Bob’s mother, said while crying. “He didn’t deserve this. He was my only son. Y’all took my only son from me.”

She told News 10 that she and her son would talk every day.

“I’m not going to hear him say ‘Ma, what are you doing?’, ‘Ma, I need this’,” Parsons said. “That’s a call I don’t wish on, no mother. I thought it was a dream.”

Shayla Prejean, Nathan Bob’s sister, said she was getting off of work Sunday morning and heading to bed when she got a call about her brother.

“It’s just a call that you could never imagine getting,” Prejean said. “I didn’t think it would have led to this. So, I was ready to fuss. You know, I was always so hard on him, and I just wasn’t
expecting this at all. Like, I don’t think any of us were.”

Prejean said Nathan was her baby.

“Nobody could tell me anything about him,” she said. “We all had him spoiled rotten to the point where we didn’t know how to say no way at times, and we wanted him to grow up, you know? But it was just like, That’s our baby, and they took our baby. We’re never going to fully recover, [or] come back from that.”

“I’m hurting,” Parsons said. “I’m hurting so bad right now. Whoever did this to my baby? Please turn yourself in. Turn yourself in. We’re hurting so bad. He has daughters that he adored. He
loved being with his daughters. Y’all killed him in front of his oldest daughter. Y’all didn’t have
to do this. No parents should have to bury their child.”

The family said Nathan had a birthday coming up on Nov. 19.

“If y’all only know what y’all did to us,” Nathan Bob’s mother said. “This family is destroyed.”

His five-year-old daughter Nayla described what happened Sunday morning vividly.

“As y’all can see the impact it has on our family when a five-year-old had to look at her daddy
getting killed and describe to the world what would happen to her daddy,” his mother said. “This is an impact that she has to live with for the rest of her life. The rest of my baby’s life.
She got to live with this. Seeing her daddy on the ground, seeing what happened.”

She added her granddaughter is destroyed by what happened to her father.

“She can’t even tell you all the happy moments because she’s so destroyed,” she said. “All she remembers is that day. That day, she doesn’t remember the happy things. Her daddy showed her how to ride a hoverboard. Showed her how to ride a bike. She can’t tell y’all any of that because she is destroyed by what happened that morning.”

“I can’t get my son back,” Nathan Bob’s father said. “But all I’m asking is for justice. Because everything now is in the good Lord’s hands.”

The family will have a vigil Saturday at 6 p.m. on Orchid Dr. If you know anything to help the
case, call the Lafayette Police Department or Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 337-232-TIPS.

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