LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The family of Rodney James Dural is seeking justice in his hit-and-run case.

Lafayette Police found Dural’s body lying in the road on Ambassador Caffery Parkway on Sept. 10.

Kimberly Dickinson of Maurice was charged with felony hit-and-run and driving under suspension after surrendering to police.  

Dural’s sister, Yvette Martin, says her brother loved the skating rink, his children.

She said he was nice person and very protective of his siblings.

Martin said he was never controversial.  

“This is difficult for us and it’s really difficult for me because my dad was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Lafayette about 42 years ago, and until today we still have no idea who did this. To have another hit-and-run and to not get justice for it is really hard.” 

Martin said she was 12 when she lost her father, so in the case of her brother, she said it is important to speak up.

“I’m not usually a person that opens up a lot, but with this I feel the best way for me to save my sanity right now is to open up and don’t hide how I feel anymore because I can’t.”

Even though she lives in Las Vegas, Martin says she stays in touch with her family in Louisiana to get updates on the case and says there have been none, despite many calls. 

“To go through this again is really hard, so we want some justice. Number one driving with a suspended license, you shouldn’t have been driving in the first place.” 

Martin said although it’s a tragedy, there is something good that came out of the situation, but the family wants to make sure that there’s a conclusion.

“I have to look at the positive side of it, and the positive side is that we found the person this time so now the end result is let’s get some justice for it.” 

When asked what justice would look like to the family, Martin replied, “Just what the coroner’s report stated, it was a homicide. You hit him and you left him on the side of the road.”  

15th JDC District Attorney Donald Landry said his office only has the preliminary report and are awaiting the full report to start the full investigation.

“It’s not a hit-and-run felony anymore, it’s a homicide. Driving with a suspended driver’s license that was very careless. It was reckless, and of course, as we saw the result, it was dangerous,” Martin concluded.