LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Here in Lafayette, families from all over Acadiana stopped by for the King’s Parade.

The King was greeted with a toast by Mayor President Josh Guillory.

“I am so honored to be here, on behalf of the city and parish of the fun capital of the world, Lafayette, it is my honor to raise a toast to my great friend and a friend of our city, Mr. Wayne Elmore,” Guillory said.

Families from all over Acadiana were here in Lafayette for the King’s Parade. The crowds ranged from the young to the young at heart, taking part in what many say is a family tradition.

Parents told New 10, “I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl. I brought my kids out there to experience the whole thing. And we’ve been rolling ever since.”

“Just family and enjoying the music”

“My favorite part of Mardi Gras is just being with family, having a fun good ole time.”

“It’s just the people and the excitement and joy of it all”

But the fun doesn’t stop with parents, their children are living their best lives as they experience their favorite parts of the day.

A few kids all said: “my favorite part is the people with the beads.”

“Catching things.”

“I love it.”

“Catching all of the items.”

“My favorite part is that we get to hang out with the family.”


“We love Mardi Gras.”