SCOTT, La. (KLFY)– Meredith’s Place in Scott is now offering treatment for mothers who have substance use disorders.

The inpatient facility is helping women with children stay together.

Traditionally, when a mother seeks treatment for substance abuse, the child is separated from her and placed into a system.

Executive Director George Mills said Meredith’s Place is a way children can maintain a lifestyle free from the harmful effects of addiction while the mother receives treatment.

“Meredith’s Place is a program again for pregnant women and women with dependent children up to the age of 12 years old. It provides medium level residential addiction treatment services for them, and it provides it in a setting where the children can accompany the mother to treatment and also receive services while the mother is here.”

Kathleen Shaw and Tina Monroe who both work with Meredith’s Place say children are usually the motivating factor for mothers who are seeking help, so it’s effective to allow children to stay with them during treatment.

Monroe, a substance abuse and disorder counselor, said it is often the reason mothers seek treatment.

“Children are the main reason that women come into treatment, leave treatment or stay in treatment. It’s their biggest motivational factor.”

Program Director Kathleen Shaw talks about what happens once the enrollment is complete.

“They get 20 hours of treatment a week which is group life skills, parenting education, outside connections with like a celebrate recovery, things like that.”

She said in addition to treatment for substance abuse, Meredith’s Place offers a better quality of life for mothers and women who are expecting.

“It’s not just an addiction only treatment services, it is very holistic and encompasses the things they need to be successful.”

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