LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Former Lafayette Police Officer and Interim Police Chief Wayne Griffin was fired for lying during an investigation amid reports of sexual harassment.

According to his termination letter, which was released to KLFY Wednesday, Griffin, 44, is accused of giving false information during a pre-disciplinary hearing on January 13, 2022.

The hearing stemmed from a complaint to Human Resources on October 18, 2021 from an employee of the Lafayette Police Department.

The hand written statement, which detailed sexual harassment claims, was delivered to HR by a male supervisor as told to him by virtue of his position from a lower ranking female police officer.

Griffin was then placed on administrative leave to begin an investigation.

In the four-page termination letter, although heavily redacted, Interim Police Chief Monte Potier outlined behavior from Griffin that broke various rules within the Lafayette Consolidated Government‘s policies and procedures and the Lafayette Police Department’s general orders.

“On November 11, 2021 you were advised of your Police Officer’s Bill of Rights and you were interviewed… After careful review of the Administrative Investigation and consideration of your verbal explanation, your actions were deemed to constitute violations of the LPD general orders and LCG policies and procedures.”

Other portions of the letter detail how a cell phone obtained from the complainant was examined for data relevant to the investigation.

It also details how Interim Chief Griffin allowed his cell phone to be examined, however there was no data on the phone relevant to the investigation because it had recently been activated.

“Your actions have contributed to an embarrassment for the Lafayette Consolidated Government, the Lafayette Police Department and our officers who proudly wear the badge and take pride in protecting and serving the citizens and business community of the City of Lafayette,” Potier wrote.

Read the termination letter below

In February, Griffin formally appealed his termination.