LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Friends and family of missing Scott woman Ella Goodie held a vigil for her Friday evening.

Goodie’s cousins say while they are remembering her, they aren’t remembering a person who is gone. “I believe remembering is so that nobody forgets about her, so the community knows we’re going to keep fighting until we find her,” Amy Washington, Goodie’s cousin, said. “We are all keeping the faith because we know she’s still alive and because we know she’s coming back,” she added.

Despite Louisiana State Police now investigating Goodie’s disappearance as a homicide, her cousins say they don’t believe she’s dead. “It don’t make me feel no type of way because I don’t believe it’s a homicide because there’s no body. How can it be a homicide when there’s no body that’s been found? I don’t believe it,” Washington said.

The question remains: Why hasn’t she contacted them in over two months if she is, in fact, alive?

“I feel like she’s in a dangerous situation. I think somebody has her against her will, but I really feel in my heart that she will be set free. They’re going to have to let her go,” she said. “We know she’s not dead. We know she’s alive.”

Washington says she’s waiting for the day Goodie comes home, and she knows exactly what she’ll say to her when she sees her again. “I’m going to tell her we were all missing you. We were all worried and stressing, and we’re just happy to have her back,” her cousin added.

If you have any information about Ella Goodie, you are encouraged to contact Louisiana State Police.