DUSON, La. (KLFY) – Violent crimes in the town of Duson have dramatically decreased in recent years.
The Duson Police Department announced the town has had zero recorded homicides since 2018.

They credit their ability to maintain safety in the streets and their willingness to serve the community.

Chief of police Kip Judice said, “Homicides… zero. We have not had an armed robbery in four years. We have had a couple of shooting incidents where people were not injured.” Judice credited the crime cameras and the proactive policing in the area to the reduced homicides.

Some incidences in the past have people questioning if this is true. Duson Assistant Chief of Police James Hodges confirms no murders have been committed in four years.

Hodges said, “Commonly we do get comments about how there are homicides in Duson. However, that is not in the incorporated town limits of Duson. That is in the parish, Ridge Road, stuff like that. It’s classified as Duson but it is not the town proper.”

Chief Judice said the department is making additional efforts to continue the progress they have seen so far by, “improving our community relations so that we have good communication between our citizens and our officers constantly.”

Chief Judice and the rest of his department are making it their top priority to continue to keep the streets of Duson as safe as possible.