LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Earlier this month, over a dozen people were injured in two separate shootings in Downtown Lafayette. Both shootings happened just one week apart. One resident is speaking out, saying that long-term prevention plans need to be made.

CC Adcock is a local artist and musician. He’s lived in Downtown Lafayette for over 30 years. During his residency, he’s seen and experienced a handful of crimes.

Adcock said he was out of town for the shooting that injured 11 people, including the suspect, but he was in his loft apartment when the next shooting happened a week later in the same area.

“I found out a dozen people were shot and then it happened again the next week. It just made me realize that this has to stop,” Adcock told News 10.

He said since the shootings he’s seen a heavier police presence during the night.

“Hat’s off to them. One thing they seem to be doing that is working is dispersing crowds,” Adcock said. But that’s a short-term solution, and he thinks long-term actions should be taken to help prevent violence from coming to the downtown area.

“A lot of the people I see down here are not even in the clubs or spending money. They are just waiting to start some mess,” Adcock said. “They need to be addressed directly. Charge basically a tax, or toll, or cover to even come down the street after hours. And of course, you can have a business voucher if you were going to a place you could get a QVC or something.”