LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY)– Louisiana drivers are being reminded to drive safely on the roads. With a mission to eliminate deaths caused by car crashes, Destination Zero Deaths, a new safety campaign, brings awareness to safe roadway practices.

Ensuring safer roads for drivers in Louisiana, DZD calls for public awareness when driving.

“Destination Zero Deaths, DZD, it’s a part of a great plan through the state highway safety plan.”

A resource to educate drivers on the dangers, safety and awareness needed while driving has been released by the organization. Ron Czajkowski with the Acadiana Regional Transportation Coalition said this is a great tool to share with the public. He said partnering with DZD is a way to bring awareness to what usually leads to fatal car crashes.

“We deal with occupant protection; we deal with impaired driving,” Czajkowski said. “You know these areas that have statistically a significant impact on fatal and serious injury crashes.”

DZD is a part of Louisiana’s strategic highway safety plan to not only bring awareness for safer transportation but to provide access to different resources and data.

“Carts is an invaluable resource we have and carts is the center for analytics and research and transportation safety,” Czajkowski said.

In a data report from cart, 416 fatalities have been recorded since the start of 2023. Czajkowski said he knows it’s impossible to completely eliminate all deaths related to crashes, but significantly decreasing them is their top priority.

“I can sit here and say Destination Zero Deaths, we would like zero,” Czajkowski said. “Is that realistic and practical? Probably not but the closer we can get, the better we are.”