LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Every ten years following the U.S. Census, district boundaries for the city and parish council start to be redrawn so that each district is as equal in population as possible and practicable so that communities have equal access to political representation. 

On Tuesday, the Lafayette City and Parish councils are to be individually introduced to a new demographer hired to redraw council district lines.

Two council members explain their expectations of redistricting.

Lafayette City Councilwoman Nanette Cook says the new demographer for the city parish council is out of New Orleans.

Cook explains the job at hand.

“Kind of lay our maps out for our district, showing him, the area and he can kind of get a better feel for the entire parish.  I know I have to lose about 3,200 voters in our district,” Cook said.

The end goal is to determine the districts that will need to be shifted around.

“So, we don’t lose the minority districts, we don’t lose everything and it’s kind of spread out and remains fair,” Cook added.

She admits it’s her first time going through the process of re-drawing council district boundaries and says she expects to be able to continue to represent the Oil Center and Bendel Gardens areas where she lives.

“Other than that, we’re all going to have to look at it very closely and see how we can make it work for everyone so that it’s fair,” Cook explained.

Lafayette Parish Councilman “AB” Rubin, Jr. says if lines are redrawn then let it be done fairly.
“No matter what your race is, you want to represent an area that represents who you are,” Rubin stated.
Rubin says the northside is his district and expects it to somewhat change.

“From what I’m understanding, they’re going to spread me out some more; and which direction I go, that’s the question,” Rubin said.

On Wednesday, each council member will meet with the new demographer, according to Cook. 

Cook says it’s a chance for the demographer to get to know the districts and the council member who represents it.