LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY)– The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is beginning construction on U.S. Highway 90 from the railroad junction to E. Pinhook to rehabilitate two sections of the road.

According to DOTD the first part of the $21.10 million project, which started Tuesday, will be completed in the spring of 2025. Construction will consist of concrete pavement patching, joint sealing, asphalt, slab jacking and improving handicap ramps.

Asher Lansiquot, with Lit Smoke along the thruway, says construction could have an impact on their businesses.

“Hopefully it won’t affect it too much because I mean this is like a major highway, so a lot of people still got to take this way,” said Lansiquot.

There are businesses who feel the construction is needed but will affect traffic.

“It will definitely be a change to businesses, small businesses because there’s a lot of small businesses along here,” Lansiquot continued.

Nasser Musa of Beauty and Beyond agreed.

“Of course it’s going to affect business. What can you do? He says depending on how long the construction last, he hopes he doesn’t see a decline in customers,” said Musa.

The U.S. Highway 90 project has been called an infrastructure investment by officials allowing easier accessibility to surrounding areas. Lansiquot says he knows the construction has to happen, he just hopes it works as planned.

“I’m just hoping that everything still flows better and the actual outcome of it is success because I’m not gonna lie the roads are a little traitorous every morning you travel,” said Lansiquot.

DOTD says most of the construction will be done at night to ensure the smoothest flow of traffic possible. People are also reminded to drive with caution and follow directions from work crews.