LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Lafayette has a drag racing problem and police delivered that message during a news conference Monday that they are now going to crack down before someone gets hurt.

The Lafayette Police Department says it is investigating and taking on a plan of action.

They explain the top priority is public safety and what occurred within the parking lot near Kohl’s Saturday night was a public safety concern.

The tire burnout marks remain on the ground after a night of reported drag racing, speed racing and drifting within the shopping center along Settlers Trace Boulevard.

When police arrived, they pursued at least one of the suspected drivers but ended the pursuit because it became unsafe.

“You can always tell if something like this has happened overnight.  You can tell by the burnout marks in the parking lot,” Public Information Officer Sgt. Robin Green said.

Sgt. Green says four precincts throughout Lafayette received a total of twelve calls.

The reports lead to locations such as West Pinhook at La Rue France, Camp Road and to Louisiana Avenue.

“We’re encouraging businesses that notice this behavior going on after hours in their parking lot to contact police.  

“We want them to come or call us,” Green added. “We’ll go to do a letter of criminal trespassing because if you have that on file and we get out there and they say I’m standing around, we’ll say no you’re part of the problem as well,” Green explained.

Also, police say they are preparing to set-up surveillance cameras at places where these activities tend to occur such as wide-open spaces and long roads/streets.

“We’re putting out more cameras in strategic areas to help with identifying these acts as they are happening,” Green stated.

KLFY’s video surveillance cameras Saturday night captured a suspected group of speed racers at the nearby Circle K.  

Police confirmed that they responded to the 1500 block of Eraste Landry to a report of criminal mischief.  

Sgt. Green explains the caller reported hearing cars speeding racing nearby.

The LPD says if someone suffered serious injury, an anticipated minor offense could be bumped up to a felony.