LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Its the day following three fatal shootings in Lafayette Parish and KLFY is learning more about the lives lost in this tragedy.

Rodricka Taylor spoke with the family and friends of Kawanna Felix who say they are still in shock.

Felix, 43, the ex-wife of the suspected shooter leaves behind five daughters and grandchildren.

“She was loving and she was caring. The superwoman, the life of the party. Everybody knows that and it was just no disappointment when she was around,” daughter Mercedes Comeaux said.

She adds all her moments with her mother were her favorite.

“We had our differences but besides that she was my girl, and she knew that.” 

Comeaux now says she will take full responsibility for all of her younger siblings now that their mother is gone.

With two children of her own, a 2 and 5-year-old, she knows it won’t be easy.

“It happened so fast. At a blank of an eye, you would never have thought that day would have been the worst day of your life,” 13-year-old Andreasha Felix. 

“It’s just bad. It’s bad. It’s bad all around. All families, the shooter’s family, the innocent people, co-worker Geraldlyn Hudson said.  

Hudson recalls her last moments with Felix.  

She said Kawanna came into work late Tuesday and explained that she was having confrontations with her ex-husband.

Hours later, she said, Felix immediately left the job when she learned of the first victim’s death.

‘Its like she knew exactly who was responsible.”  

As she was leaving, Hudson said, she warned her not to go home and get her children and head to a hotel.

“Maybe an hour and a half later, I get a phone call saying that she got shot and it just killed me. While I was on that phone call my phone rang again and they told me she died. It’s mind-blowing. Yesterday was a lot for me. Domestic violence is bad, and it’s real.” 

Hudson encourages those dealing with domestic violence to get help.  

“If you are being abused or if you are in a relationship of domestic violence get somebody involved before something like this happens again.”

A family gofundme has been established to help with funeral expenses and to support the family.