Scott, La (KLFY) – City of Scott firefighters issue water safety advice. According
to SFD social media report, water activities to keep cool can be fun but these
activities can be extremely dangerous.

SFD reports that drowning is the leading cause of death in young children
ages 1 to 4 years and the second leading cause of death for people ages 5 to 24

Scott firefighters highlight the importance of water safety awareness:

– Don’t get in the water unless you know how to swim.

– Don’t swim alone.

– Learn how to perform CPR another water rescue techniques.

– Don’t drink alcohol if you plan on swimming.

– Only swim in areas where a lifeguard is present.

– Know your strength: swimming in the ocean versus a pool is a very different environment and can be dangerous if you’re not able to handle strong currents.

– If you find yourself in a current, stay calm; let the current carry you until you’re able to swim free and call for help.

SFD officials say whether you’re at the pool, lake, or beach practice proper water safety.