BROUSSARD, La (KLFY) — UPDATE, June 14, 2021: Vance Olivier was officially sworn in as the interim Chief of Police for the City of Broussard today.

ORIGINAL POST, June 7, 2021: The City of Broussard appointed an interim Police Chief.

Vance Olivier was appointed as interim Chief of Police and will serve in this position until the next regular election in the fall of 2022.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there and working, hit the ground running, and make a positive change for the city of Broussard and the police department because I know we need it at this point.” -Vance Olivier, Broussard Interim Police Chief

Olivier’s appointment comes after former Police Chief Brannon Decou announced his retirement amidst a sexual harassment investigation last month.

The nine-member selection committee was comprised of three council members, the mayor, and five community members who have law enforcement experience.

Sheriff Mark Garber was one of those men and said his experience in the Lafayette Police chief selection helped model Broussard’s process.

“The best fit for the City of Broussard as it turns out was Mr. Olivier just by virtue of the combination of his is experience, his education, and his formal leadership training,” Garber stated.

The committee reviewed all resumes and recommended two candidates for final review by the mayor and the entire city council, and in a special meeting on June 7, 2021 voted to name Olivier as the interim chief.

The vote was unanimous.

“With more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Vance’s qualifications are exemplary,” said Mayor Roy Bourque. “He has my complete support, and I look forward to working with him, focusing on the future and safety of our great city.”

Olivier, a Broussard resident and Teurlings graduate, joined the Lafayette Police Department in 1995 after serving five years with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

During his time at LPD, he rose in ranks from patrol to field training officer, K-9 officer, recruiter, and watch commander. Most recently, he has served as Lieutenant of the Criminal Investigation Division, where he oversaw squads of detectives, a squad of the Special Investigations Unit, and the Crime Scene Unit. He also oversaw approximately 60 staff and was responsible for budgeting as well as acquiring and allocating equipment.

“As the path grew, that’s something I wanted to do, was to be in a leadership position. I got that at the Lafayette Police Department, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to step in to be the chief of Broussard, and it’s kind of a lifelong dream come true,” Olivier said.

Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque added, “A lot of people care about our community, and the process was tough, and it was tough and purpose because with this level of responsibility, it should not be easy.”

The new chief said he is prioritizing, transparency and community policing, but also gaining his department’s trust.

“I think some the changes first of all I need to do first of all is meet with staff that’s very important,
and then I would like to meet with all the officers individually and see what some of their issues they had in the past, and see if we can work to try and better it,” Olivier stated.

Interim Chief Olivier has not selected an assistant police chief yet. His first day is Monday, June 14, and he already plans to run in the police chief election in the Fall of next year.

“I want to thank everyone involved in the selection process, which ran seamlessly and professionally,” says Mayor Bourque. “I am grateful to the City and Police staff, our City Council, and those who volunteered their time for the selection committee.”