LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – With complaints of 10 overgrown properties on Happiness St. in Lafayette, residents are asking, when does the city get involved and what is the process of cleaning these properties?

Environmental Code Supervisor of Lafayette Consolidated Government Russell Bourg told News 10, “We determine the violation and identify the property owner, then we send out a notice of violation and in the notice, it indicates that 7 days after they receive the letter is when we expect compliance.”

Bourg also says that properties must meet certain criteria before being listed as a violation.

“In most cases, it has to exceed 12 inches in height to be a violation. In the unincorporated areas of the parish outside of subdivisions, it can be just over 2 feet tall before it’s a violation,” Bourge said.

If property owners do not take care of the grass within two weeks of being notified, the city can bid the property to contractors to cut the property at the owner’s expense.

Bourg told News 10, “If it’s not cut we make sure it’s the same property owner, we put it out to bid for a contractor it goes on a list of properties they have to complete. Depending on the situation we have to go out to make sure the contractor has done the correct property and done the job that we expect.”

These properties can also take a long time to tend to due to the number of calls the city receives about overgrown houses.

“Over the past 365 days we’ve actually written 7,000 notices of violation,” Bourge said.

Bourg also says that the city does not trim trees or bushes.