LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Several items were on the agenda for the City and Parish Council’s regular meeting including a vote on a proposed raise to two LCG employees.

The employee salaries being discussed were Chief Administrative Officer Cydra Wingerter, who was looking at around $32,000 raise, and the senior communications specialist Claire Regan, who was would receive a raise of around $10,000. 

The two were found not to be entitled to raises awarded to other LCG employees in the proposed budget.

Nanette Cook, the City Council Chair, District 4, said the ordinance restored the two salaries to their original amount allocated in the previous budget. Cook said the council assumed that amendments to the proposed budget already included the CAO and communication specialist positions.

Cook called this vote “a cleanup ordinance,” blaming miscommunication for the overlooking of the two positions. The original budget included directors and city council staff, but that does not technically include the CAO and communications officer.

“We thought it included all the proposed raises from the mayor, but because the way the semantics of it, the way we titled the positions that we were excluding that it did not cover those two positions, so the intent was there from the beginning it just was a matter of how it was worded,” she says.

Cook said the issue of the two raises would be taken up again at the next meeting, on Nov. 1.