BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY) — Broussard Police Chief Brannon Decou released a letter announcing his upcoming retirement from office while under investigation for sexual harassment accusations.

Decou is currently on voluntary leave while the investigation.

In mid-April, allegations surfaced that Decou had inappropriately texted a former officer and sent half-nude photos of himself via Snapchat.

Decou said in a press release that he has sent his resignation to Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin and Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque.

Decou’s letter reads as follows:

It has been an honor to serve our city in public safety for the last 30 years in various capacities and for over 20 years as your chief of police. I am proud to be the longest-serving elected police chief in Broussard’s history. I have worked tirelessly for our community and our police department by providing progressive technology and specialized divisions to address our city’s needs. I have done my best to create a progressive, professional, and dedicated police department that assured its residents, businesses, and motorists a safe and secure community. We have succeeded in making our city safe and secure through the exponential growth we haver seen over the last two decades with low crime rates recorded annually.

After much consideration, I have decided that is in the best interest of the community and my family that I retire from my position as chief of police. In order to provide for an orderly transition, my last day as your chief will be June 1, 2021. I will take some much needed rest, and allow someone else to take over with a fresh set of ideas that hopefully will continue the forward momentum that our city deserves.

Public Safety was always my dream job, so I sincerely thank the City of Broussard for giving me this opportunity. I want to leave you all with my deepest gratitude as it has been an amazing journey and career serving you.

Broussard Police Chief Brannon Decou

To read Decou’s entire letter, download it at the link below:

Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque released a statement on Decou’s retirement as well. It is as follows:

I received written notice of Chief Brannon Decou’s retirement announcement at 2pm today, effective June 1st. The Broussard Chief of Police is an elected official, and the City Council and I will be working closely together to determine an interim Chief and will make that announcement as soon as we have made our decision. Ultimately, an election will be held, and the citizens of Broussard will decide who the next Chief of Police will be.

I have been in constant communication with our police commanders, and I want our City to rest assured that the Broussard Police Department has been running smoothly, actively policing our community, and will continue to do so. It is our sincere desire that our police force and our city move forward with a fresh start and a renewed commitment to each other and to the residents and businesses of Broussard.