UPDATE, 9/22/23, 2 p.m.: The hazmat incident has been resolved, according to Trahan. Technicians were able to neutralize the chemical reaction and transfer the liquid solution to a safe container. The private company specialized in hazardous material disposal removed the solution from the premises.

ORIGINAL: LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Hazmat teams and firefighters are on the scene of a chemical accident in Lafayette.

Officials reported a potentially hazardous vapor near a business in the 3200 block of Cameron Street. No injuries have been reported, according to Lafayette Fire Department spokesman Alton Trahan.

“Lafayette Hazmat Team arrived on scene and noticed a 275 gallon plastic tote with approximately 60 gallons of liquid inside in the loading area of the business,” Trahan said. “Hazmat technicians indicated that a chemical reaction was occurring producing an orange smoke. The area was cordoned off and employees evacuated from the business.”

Employees at the business indicated that they were mixing several chemicals in the tote when the reaction occurred. They immediately called 911.

Louisiana State Police Hazmat team assisted Lafayette Fire Department, Trahan said.

Hazmat technicians with the Lafayette Fire Department and Louisiana State Police stabilized the chemical solution Thursday evening.

A barrier dike was placed around the plastic tote in case a leak would occur overnight, according to LFD.

A private company with experience in hazardous material incidents came to the scene to monitor through the night.