LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A Cecilia Junior High student and a popular sneaker store teamed up to help students in need this holiday.

With the holidays around the corner, some students across Acadiana are getting Christmas a little early.

Back in Oct., Nathan Thornton IV donated new sneakers to students in need of shoes at Cecilia Junior High School.

Since then, he’s partnered with Sneaker Politics for a sneaker drive held on Sunday.

Chaz Roberts, one of the people who heard about Nathan’s story on donating sneakers, said he was touched and wanted to help.

He said he connected Nathan with the manager of Sneaker Politics, Sam Breaux.

“Yeah, I heard about what Nathan was trying to do and I was really touched, and before you know it, I was able to connect with Sam and Politics and they took it from there and really threw gasoline on the fire,” Roberts said.

Nathan said this collaboration happened after his first donation of sneakers when his mom inspired the idea.

He said his mom showed him a video of a kid donating shoes to those in need which made him ask if it was something he could do.

After getting shoe donations for some of his peers who were in need, the response he’s received from people wanting to help out has been community wide.

His dad, Nathan Thornton III, said he is so proud of his son and seeing the process of everything has put a smile on their faces.

“It’s a great process just seeing everything, seeing the smile on his face, seeing the smile on other kids faces and the people, the counselors, and other people that’s helping out with it,” Thorton III said. “Just seeing their faces and knowing that we’re doing something good in the community for not only St. Martin parish, but Lafayette Parish and all surrounding areas. Anybody that can help out it’s amazing.”

Sam Breaux, with Sneaker Politics, said when he was connected with Nathan, he knew he wanted to help be a part of something great and had the perfect event to collaborate on getting shoe donations.

Breaux said Sneaker Politics has an event every first Sunday of the month where people can get the chance to win exclusive sneakers, so when he heard about what Nathan was doing, he wanted to use one of the events to help get donations.

Breaux said he is amazed and proud of what Nathan is accomplishing.

“I’m really proud of what he’s doing and really happy to be a part of it,” Breaux said.

Nathan said, “without politics, none of this would be possible.” He also says this is just the start and he plans to continue donating more shoes to kids across Acadiana.”