CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) — A Carencro mother went before the Carencro City Council asking for barricades to be placed on her street when it floods.

Carolyn Tate informed the city council that she notices something about her St. Pierre Boulevard neighborhood during a heavy rainfall or flood event.

Tate says people will drive through to see what’s going on. The outcome, water getting inside her home, is what she’s trying to prevent.

“The barricades will help with the people coming down because they have the tendency to drive faster than they should,” Tate said. “So then the waves go into the homes of residents who live on that block.”

As the new Mayor of Carencro, Charlotte Stemmans Clavier takes a moment to remind Carencro residents if they see a problem, let city officials know.

“If you do see something while riding around, in your house, wherever you are in town, if you see a pothole, or if you see a tree down,” Clavier said in a previous council meeting. “If you see something, we’re addressing those as we get notice of them.”

Last month Tate shared her thoughts with the city council and the mayor. Tate tells KLFY News 10 that the barricades are all that she’s after. She’s merely asking not to be left out when barricades are doled out.

“It’s just to prevent people from coming and making the waves,” Tate said. “The water is not in the homes yet but with the waves, it does have the tendency to go into the homes,”  

The mayor encourages residents to take up the charge and contact the city, to let the city know where and what needs to be done.

“Feel free to call, text email whatever is easiest for you to let us know,” Clavier said in a recent council meeting.

According to city council records the mayor intends to add Tate’s neighborhood to the city’s barricade list.