CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – A police officer in Carencro is being recognized for saving a man’s life. The man was having a medical emergency, when Officer Oren Haydel stepped in.

It was the morning of February 23rd. Vanessa Landry, of Vee’s Sitter Services, went to check on one of her clients, Leo Williams, who is homebound. “Mr. Williams did not respond the the knock and the holler at the door,” said Landry.

Landry called 911. Officer Oren Haydel rushed to the home on Crouchet Street. “We both tried to knock on the door to get Mr. Williams’ attention. We could not,” said Haydel. The doors were locked. The officer went to a back window to get inside.

“I made my way into the house and into Mr. Williams’ room. It was obvious he was suffering from a severe medical episode. I immediately turned him on his side to clear his airway, and provided immediate first aid until the ambulance arrived,” said Haydel. “His glucose was down to 50. He was going into a sugar coma. He was dying. He was going to die if nobody had come at all that day,” said Landry.

In salute of his quick actions, Vee’s Sitter Services awarded a special plaque to Officer Haydel for saving Mr. Williams. “I love our cops. We can call on them anytime day or night, whether it’s good or bad. They put their lives on the line,” said Landry. “It’s not very often when you can see the outcome of your work. We don’t get into the job for the recognition, but’s it’s nice to receive it every once in a while,” said Haydel.

Haydel says any other police officer would have done the same. Mr. Williams did not want to appear on camera, but he says he’s grateful for Officer Haydel and Ms. Landry for coming to the rescue.