LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Cajun Country Hog Rally was a three-day event at the Cajun Harley-Davidson. Organizers say despite Acadiana being a small market the event was important to be held in the Acadiana area because most rallies go toward bigger markets. 

“This is one of only six hog rallies in their entire nation, and we are the first ones of the 2022 season,” says Cajun Harley-Davidson marketing director, Shannon Wilkerson 

Bobby Young is an independent bike rider from Kinder. “It’s great. I’m glad things are starting to get together. Met a lot of people; I came yesterday, I came today, and yeah, I met people from all over,” said Young.

The Cajun Country Hog Rally brought bike riders from all over the country. “If you’re not familiar with the motorcycle community as a group, as a demographic, they’re really a great diverse group of people. You won’t get a better example or illustration of true diversity than you will with the motorcycle community,” said Wilkerson.

The Covid-19 pandemic put the event on hold in the past. Many were happy to have it again. “It’s wonderful to just be out and be without a mask, and everyone’s together and enjoying each other,” said Donna Williams, director of the Warhawk chapter in Monroe

Riders represented 97 chapters at the Cajun Harley-Davidson. Carol Bayley, membership officer of a Mobile, Alabama chapter said it’s about building a camaraderie, a family, and just enjoying the ride.

A favorite part of most everyone was seeing the various motorcycles. “They’re really beautiful. You got some older bikes, newer bikes, trikes. It’s a great variety of different motorcycles that Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts like,” said Wilkerson. There was even a parade of flags. “It is a big event in the hog community where all the riders from all these different chapters come rolling in Cajun Harley-Davidson all with the flag of their chapter on the back of their bike,” he said. 

There was food, and entertainment from Clay Cormier and The Highway Boys, and others. As well as vendors. “We bring something to the community, and it’s just an awesome group of people to be a part of,” said Williams. 

Many a part of the motorcycle community shared it’s a great experience to see a big group of different people, different cultures come together and enjoy themselves as one community.