LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As many businesses are doing Black Friday sales despite inflation, News 10 spoke with Academy Sports + Outdoors and local small business Mon Reve Boutique to see how this year’s economy impacts their turnouts. 

Owner of Mon Reve Boutique Morgan Zaunbrecher told News 10 that “inflation is a big thing for small businesses right now. We’re seeing increases on just about everything and you know, these bigger stores they’re able to have these big sales every day, all day, every week. You know, us small businesses being that the prices of inflation are going up, it is harder for small businesses to run the sales.”

Zaunbrecher said that her clothing boutique has been open for six years. She started it in Rayne and recently moved to Lafayette. 

“You know coming from Rayne with a small community, so it was a scary move to Lafayette but it’s been really good to us,” she said. 

During Black Friday she shared how support from the community is crucial to their survival. 

“Supporting local small businesses. It keeps the money local in the community. It helps support my small family. I have two little kids, my employees, I have three of my girls,” she said. “It helps us donate and be able to give back to like organizations, fundraisers, schools, you know, people are always coming in asking for donations and we’d love to help out for you know, great causes in the community.” 

“I think I speak for probably every small business is not possible without the help of the community shopping local so we’re able to do that,” she added.  

Store director of Academy Sports + Outdoors Jeremy Goldman told News 10 that Friday morning was exciting for staff and the community as many people were there to take part in the special deals. 

“You work all year long to get ready for this week and this weekend and, really for us it’s just a chance to have fun with all the hard work that we put in and for the shoppers they get amazing deals throughout the store,” he said. “Sales are very strong right now we’re seeing great foot traffic in the store and everybody seems to be pretty excited about being in the building and getting out and enjoying Black Friday a little bit like it used to be.” 

Goldman also said that the pandemic helped expand in other areas such as their curbside business and our online business, but as the economy is dealing with inflation he said he doesn’t see it impacting business.  

“You go back to when we had the pandemic and products were a little bit scarce. We don’t necessarily have that problem now. So it’s not the place where people feel like they have to buy right now or it won’t be available. So most of that has passed and people are actually just able to come in and shop because it’s a great deal and take advantage of all the specials that we have right now.” 

For more information on what deals each business has, visit the Academy Sports + Outdoors website and the Mon Reve Boutique Facebook page.