LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Security footage from the Emco Food warehouse in Lafayette shows two people stealing a catalytic converter from the warehouse work truck early Sunday morning.

Workers say according to the footage, it only took a few minutes before they got what they wanted and left. Gregory Young, the warehouse manager says this is the second time it happened. He’s the one who discovered the catalytic converter was missing both times.

That morning he went to warm up the truck before starting the workday, he then heard a familiar sound.

He says, “It’s the second time I heard that sound so it immediately came back that it was the same sound I heard the last time it happened.”

He checked the truck and immediately checked security cameras. He says he had recently parked the truck in view of the camera. If he wouldn’t have done that, they would have no proof of the theft.

“You can see that they are so bold they try and make it look like they are working on their car or having problems while they are taking stuff from people”, explained Young

Warehouse owner Ema Haq says it’s unfortunate and inconvenient. The last time it happened it cost close to $2,500 to replace the catalytic converter.

Now, due to the pandemic, it will cost more to replace and it will take longer to come in. He says he wants people to be aware, so they can avoid the same thing.

“A lot of people have been the victim of this situation. It’s so difficult to really control this unless people are aware”, explained Haq.