SCOTT, La. (KLFY) — A Scott business owner is speaking out about his treatment by police after he said he was arrested at his business in front of his customers — but Scott Police say it’s because he refused to cooperate.

Jerry Bobb, 42, is the owner/operator of Super Taters on Cameron St. In a detailed Facebook post on Tuesday, Bobb said he was arrested, as far as he knew, for being “a suspicious Black Man, in a [b]lacked out vehicle…”

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger said in a press release today, however, that Bobb was rude to officers and uncooperative.

Scott Police’s story

In today’s press release, Leger said that Scott Police officers first encountered Bobb at around 10:45 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10 during a routine patrol of closed businesses in the 5500 block of Cameron Street.

“The officer observed a pickup truck parked in the back of a closed bank without lights and a subject standing outside the vehicle,” said Leger. “As the officer passed, the subject entered the vehicle, turned on the lights, and left out the bank parking lot onto Cameron St.”

It should be noted that the closed bank is next door to Bobb’s business.

Leger said officers pulled Bobb over to see why he was in a parking lot for a building formerly used as a bank. Bobb “refused to identify himself and continued to question the officer as to why he was stopped.” Leger said officers attempted to explain, but Bobb interrupted “continuously” and stated he was calling the mayor.

Leger said Bobb also insulted the officers’ intelligence, calling at least one officer “stupid.” Other officers arrived on the scene and attempted to arrest Bobb, but Bobb attempted to evade officers, curse at them and “vigorously pulled away.”

Leger said officers stopped trying to arrest Bobb and instead applied for an arrest warrant on charges of resisting arrest. Officers later apprehended Bobb at Super Taters and took him into custody, additionally citing him for having an expired driver’s license.

Scott Police Department press release

Bobb’s story

In a post on the Super Taters Facebook page, Bobb said he was “innocently sitting outside of the business that I have owned and operated for almost 8 years now” and was not told why he was being stopped.

“[I’m] no legal expert but that sure seems like harassment to me,” stated Bobb.

Bobb said he filed a complaint with the city at 10 a.m. Monday, Dec. 13. At 5 p.m. that evening, Scott Police arrived at Super Taters and arrested Bobb in front of his customers — an act that Bobb said he feels was done to purposefully “humiliate me, tarnish my reputation in this community and interrupt my successfully conducting business in the City of Scott.”

By 9 p.m. that night, Bobb said he was released from the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center with no bond.

“Interestingly enough, it seemed that the 5 p.m. arrest was a direct result of the complaint I attempted to file on Monday morning,” stated Bobb. “[I’ve] always tried my best not to break any laws all while having the [utmost] respect for Police officers for the difficult job they have. To say the least … I am [thoroughly] confused by my current situation.”

Bobb said he was “locked up and treated like a criminal complete with fingerprints and a mugshot.” He said he would also consider any “additional interactions” with Scott Police to be retaliation against the complaint he filed on Monday.

Further, in the comments on his own post, Bobb said he was shocked by the arrest since at least two of the officers had personally sat to eat meals with Bobb on previous occasions, noting it “shocked me that they handled me like a common criminal.”

“This is unfair treatment, and I will NOT be silenced…” stated Bobb.

Bobb declined to comment directly to News 10 today, but Bobb’s attorney told us he intends to hold a press conference about the matter on Thursday.