BROUSSARD, La., (KLFY) Former Broussard Police Officer Taylor Jones was shocked when he opened up a photo of his half-naked boss sent to him through Snapchat.

“He followed it up and asked me if I was ever going to send him scandalous pictures,” Jones said.

“I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do.”

Jones said this was one of many messages Broussard Chief Police Brannon Decou sent to him over Snapchat and through text messages.

After he received the messages, Jones said Decou asked why he wasn’t going to send any in return.

Jones said he told Decou he was married and didn’t take photos of himself.

“He took that to me and continued trying to convince me, saying my wife would be okay with it, maybe he should ask her himself, until I finally told him straight up joking around is one thing and I am not okay with scandalous pictures at all,” Jones said.

While working the night shift, Decou sent the photo and messages and Jones said he didn’t know what to do.

“It was all that was on my mind. When I got to work, I started shaking, my heart was racing, I couldn’t get a full breath. It was all that was on my mind,” he said.

Decou also sent several shirtless pictures to Jones who eventually told his wife the next morning when he got off of work.

“She wasn’t happy, not happy at all, and honestly if it wasn’t for her support and the support of others close to me, I probably would have been like every other person this happens to and get a new job and move on,” Jones said.

He said he continued talking to Decou after the matter considering he was his boss and didn’t want to make things awkward.

“From that point forward, I didn’t really respond to him much, it did go into a more mundane conversation. I kept it to a mundane conversation because he was my boss, I didn’t want to piss him off.”

Months after this incident occurred, in late March of 2021, Jones said he resigned after finding a new job.

Before doing so, he compiled evidence and shared it with his supervisors, the Mayor of Broussard, and U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission.

“My main issue is this guy is pretty much one of the highest positions a city has, and it’s been that way for 20 years,” Jones said.

Despite working in law enforcement for several years, Jones said he doesn’t plan on returning to work as a police officer.

“I don’t think he should be in that position; I think he should be out of it and that’s the bottom line. He’s shown he can’t handle the responsibilities of a position in power,” Jones said.

We reached out to see if Decou would respond to these allegations and as of news time, he had not responded.

The city issued this response after Jones notified the Mayor of Broussard, Ray Bourque, of Decou’s actions.

“No formal complaint against Chief Decou has been filed, however, immediately upon receiving an envelope of text messages between the Chief and a former deputy, the mayor contacted the city’s Human Resources attorneys, and an investigation was opened.

While it is ongoing, this investigation will be thorough, honest, comprehensive, and confidential until it is concluded.”