BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY) – For the past three weeks, a Hampton Inn in Broussard has been dealing with a loss of customers due to a lack of water and water pressure.

The assistant general manager, Casie, stated, “We’ve been increasingly having problems with the water the past couple of months, especially in the past 3 weeks. The pressure is pretty much nonexistent at this point. It’s been a gradual decline from good pressure to somewhat nice pressure to absolutely no pressure so you can’t even flush the toilets.”

Casie said when the water has worked, it has been a brown color for the past few weeks. The lack of water has resulted in a loss of customers at the hotel.

“Guests don’t really want to stay in a place that doesn’t have their basic necessities such as water. And it’s been hard for our team as well especially when we have a lot of people that we call such as plumbing to only find out that it’s a city issue,” said Casie.

The Director of Public Works in Broussard said the city has been in contact with the hotel regarding the issues.

The director of public works, Mel Bertrand said, “We got a call from them a couple of weeks ago and, as we do with anybody in our system, we addressed it immediately. We went out and investigated, we have a plan in motion to rectify their situation. We ordered some equipment which should be in tomorrow morning and we plan on fixing that problem tomorrow. If we get a call we address it immediately.”

Bertrand told News 10 that they have seen an uptick of problems due to the city growing so fast. He also added that their goal is to respond to complaints immediately.