LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Attorneys of Acadiana homeowners who are suing over their homes falling apart have released pictures of what they found.

The findings include poorly ventilated homes, mold, and high indoor humidity levels.

Baton Rouge Attorney Lance Unglesby and Lafayette Attorney Alan Haney say they found over 50 homes poorly constructed by D.R. Horton, known as American Home Builders.

“When you build a home in Louisiana, as a good home builder, one of the things he deals with and faces is [the] humidity of Louisiana. It’s a complicated system, and D.R. Horton as an out-of-state home builder has failed in the way that they build their home,” Unglesby explained.

The attorneys say they unearthed a home not built to code when it comes to ventilation.

“For an attic to breathe it has to have some space right there. You see right there, where you see a little bit of sunlight, that’s good you want that. You don’t want it covered up like this, but you don’t see it at these other places,” Unglesby said.

The legal team says in some of the homes’ humidity levels were beyond the recommended range of 30 to 55 percent humidity.  Unglesby explains they found mold.

“This is from some of our clients: That’s her shoe, that’s a door threshold and that’s mold,” Unglesby showed.

Hoy Cook of Jennings says he’s a homeowner whose home was built unevenly with doors falling off.

“There were crooked walls. They worked on it for a week and came back out,” Cook explained. “It was ‘worse crook’ if that’s a word. My garage door fell off that they put in. I paid out of my pocket for a guy to come out and they put it in backward.”

Nureaka Ross of Lafayette says she almost purchased a D.R. Horton-designed home. Ross posted a Facebook video of her emotional experience.  

“It upset me to see them placing shingles directly on the wood. I was like ‘something is not right.’ You know when you know something is wrong and you just can’t put your finger on it,” Ross stated.

According to Attorney Haney, any potential class lawsuit member can call (855) 729-6791 for information concerning the class action lawsuit.

“D.R. Horton needs to come out of the shadows. They need to stop hiding behind an arbitration clause.  They need to stop deceiving their customer and answer these questions,” Unglesby added.