LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The attorney of an employee accusing former Interim Lafayette Police Chief Wayne Griffin of sexual harassment, has filed on his client’s behalf a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Attorney Toby Aguillard says the EEOC will take the complaint and work up an investigation.

“Then you proceed with direction from them, whether it’s with a lawsuit or some kind of mediation or whether they determine there’s not enough there to move on, and we are at the beginning stages of that,” Aguillard stated.

He explains that his client, who has not been identified by name, did not file the initial complaint against Griffin.

“It’s been a rough time, very rough,” Aguillard said.

He clarified that the harassment allegation concerning Griffin initially came out at a Lafayette City and Parish councils meeting, and from there, the Lafayette Police Department investigated.

“To the best of our knowledge that’s how this all got started.  She was required by policy to comply with the investigation once it began but she did not initiate the complaint.”

In terms of the termination appeal filed by Griffin, Auguillard says he and his client are eager to hear what Griffin has to say.

“And we’re eager to find out why he was fired because we have never really been told,” Aguillard added.

He says the reason they are at the beginning stages of the EEOC complaint or charge is due to the EEOC office having been closed for COVID which slowed down the process.